Evolution and Disruption of Cybercriminal Gangs

November 02, 2022

Cybercriminal gangs have evolved into fully-fledged for-profit enterprises that bank on our increasing dependence on digital access to profit handsomely with little to no repercussions.  Cybercrime costs $600 billion – or close to 1.0% of global GDP-  and that number is only expected to increase. Acknowledgement of appropriate norms of behavior among nation states have not evolved beyond Cold War era treaties, nor have our regulations kept up with the evolution of technology and online business models.  To combat global cybercrime collaboration is needed amongst like-minded allies as well as within the private sector.

Join us for a conversation with Cyber Threat Alliance CEO, Michael Daniel about the challenges and solutions to combating cyber criminals. 


Hosted by: Alexa Raad and Leslie Daigle.

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