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Tech On Reg Podcast

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CannaBiz: Recreation and Regulation
February 28, 2023

Joined by Michael Johnson, CEO of Metrc, we discuss the evolution of regulationin the Cannabis industry. Metrc is a leading platform to track and trace cannabis from seed to sale which allows distrib

Biometric Signatures: The Digital Dotted Line
February 07, 2023

We sit down with Matthew Gibson, Co-Founder and CEO of Syngrafii, to discuss the digitization and compliance of signatures. Syngrafii has changed the landscape of biometric signature capabilitiesthro

Retirement Planning and Cryptocurrency: Not your Average 401K
January 24, 2023

ForUsAll is the first 401 K platform to offer accessto cryptocurrency in retirement planning. We sit down with David Ramiriez, CEO of ForUsAll, to talk about investment portfolios, retirementplannin

Navigating the World of Sex-Tech
January 03, 2023

We welcome Soumyadip Rakshit, Co-Founder and CEO of MysteryVibe. MysteryVibe is a sexual health company that produces smart vibrators toys that address major sexual health issues such as erectile dysf

Disruption in the Brokerage Industry
October 11, 2022

We welcome Federico Baradello, CEO and Founder of Finalis, to discuss disruption in the brokerage industry.Finalis is a platform that helps private securities brokerages to operate legally and compli

Emotional Decision-Making: Measuring the Human Response
August 16, 2022

Beni Gradwohl, Co-founder and CEO of Cognovi Labs, joins us to explore emotional artificial intelligence. Cognovi Labs is dedicated to leveraging technology to measure human emotion through an artific

Risky Business or Risky Intelligence?
August 02, 2022

We sit down with Amanda Cohen, Director of Products at Resolver to talk about our favorite, Reg-Tech, and risk management. Resolver is changing the landscape of risk management by analyzing risk data

Debt Collection for the Digital Age
June 14, 2022

We welcome Tim Collins, ChiefCustomer Officer at Indebted, to talk about a modern way of collecting debt. In a historically client focused Industry, debt collectionis shifting to the digital world w

Decentralizing the Energy Industry
May 31, 2022

Colin Gounden, CEO and Co-founder of VIA, joins us to discuss the future of the energy industry. The energy industry, and the data within it, are heavily regulated by the government, which has made it

Marketing and AI: The Power of Consumer Data
May 17, 2022

We welcome John Wall, Partner and Head of Business Development at Trust Insights, to help us understand how to gather and use marketing data in a compliant and measurable way. We talk through data col