Latest Episodes

MOAR Tech 65: Google’s 2019 conference announcements
May 12, 2019

This week Google made their major software announcements about Search, Android, Lens, and more at their I/O event. In this episode, we discuss! Original airing date: May 9th, 2019

MOAR Tech 64: Facebook Dating & other dating apps
May 05, 2019

Lonely? Maybe not for long! Facebook’s rolling out an online dating service, and there are many others around the place. Original airing date: May 2nd, 2019

MOAR Tech: 63: What happens to your tech & online accounts when you die?
April 26, 2019

What happens to your tech and online stuff when you die? That’s what we’re talking about on this episode of MOAR Tech! Original airing date: April 25th, 2019

MOAR Tech 62: Two-factor authentication (2FA)
April 13, 2019

On this MOAR Tech, we’re looking at Two Factor Authentication, sometimes called 2FA, along with why you should use it instead of JUST passwords. Original airing date: April 11th, 2019Join us on the Discord server to talk Tech and/or Esports: https://di...

MOAR Tech 61: The Internet and April Fool’s Day
April 07, 2019

April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but the Internet remembers. Companies use this day to go crazy with pranks, concept ideas and actual products. We’re looking at some of the best this year had to offer.

MOAR Tech 60: Apple’s stealthy releases & new services
March 31, 2019

Apple’s newest products (which had a very stealthy release before their event) and their newest services (which they announced at the event). Original airing date: March 28th, 2019

MOAR Tech 59: AirPods causing cancer? Android beta Q is out!
March 15, 2019

Do Bluetooth earbuds like AirPods cause cancer? What’s new in Android’s Q beta? This and more in this episode of MOAR Tech with Michael and Vicquell! Original airing date: March 14th, 2019

MOAR Tech 58: Samsung’s S10e, S10, S10+ and new Fold phone
February 26, 2019

Curious about the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or the new foldable phone-tablet hybrid they brought out? All of that and more in this MOAR Tech episode with Michael and Vicquell. Originally aired: February 21st, 2019

MOAR Tech 57: Largest IMAX in the region & what’s to come w/ Dominic Richards
February 09, 2019

Following up on last week’s episode of MOAR Tech, Michael & Vicquell interview the COO of Fusion Superplex to get an idea on the vision and what’s coming up next from this entertainment community centre. Original airing date: February 7th, 2019

MOAR Tech 56: How do IMAX & 4DX work? We ask Fusion Superplex
February 08, 2019

On this episode of MOAR Tech, Michael & Vicquell interview Fusion Superplex on how IMAX and 4DX Theatres work. We get into the nitty-gritty technical details and even get some spoilers for what’s to come. Original airing date: January 31st, 2019