Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast

Team Chat Podcast: A Video Game Podcast

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Making Our Way Through Our Gaming Backlog - Team Chat Podcast Episode 297
July 28, 2023

This week we're talking about what we've been playing lately, from Tears of the Kingdom to Advanced Wars, doing what we can to make our way through our gaming backlog.

Pikmin 4 First Impressions - Episode 296
July 20, 2023

The Pikmin are coming! Our favorite plant-esque friends are back in the fourth installment of the series and we're ready to bring our first impressions!

Let's Celebrate Pride Month! - Team Chat Podcast Episode 295
June 23, 2023

Happy Pride Month!!! As June is coming to a close, we're taking a look at the lives and accomplishments of a few LGBTQIA+ devs in the gaming industry and celebrate the great games that they have made.

It's the Season of Showcases! - Team Chat Podcast Episode 294
June 15, 2023

Next to Christmas, this is our favorite time of year because it's SHOWCASE SEASON!! We're breaking down our favorite video game announcements and reveals shown at the Summer Games Fest, Xbox, Devolver

Our Favorite Comedic Games - Team Chat Podcast Episode 293
June 09, 2023

Friend of the show Arc suggested that we list out our favorite comedic games so we're rising to the challenge and sharing some titles that really tickle our funny bone.

Can We Have OG Overwatch Back? - Team Chat Podcast Episode 292
May 25, 2023

Blizzard's recent announcement to cancel the PvE mode in Overwatch 2 has us hankering for the days of the original game and wishing that would could jump back in to our good ole 6v6 matchups. In this

Tears of the Kingdom First Impressions - Team Chat Podcast Episode 291
May 18, 2023

After six years of waiting, Tears of the Kingdom is finally here! Mogan has a full rundown of her first hours exploring Hyrule and shares her first impressions on the latest Legend of Zelda game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor First Impressions - Team Chat Podcast Episode 290
May 11, 2023

The second installment of Cal Kestis' journey is here! Jerrett has already spent many hours exploring and fighting his way through the galaxy and brings his first impressions of Star Wars Jedi: Surviv

Our Favorite Mini-Games - Team Chat Podcast Episode 289
April 20, 2023

Playing through the main objectives or story of a video game are great, but what about when you just want to mess around and enjoy a little game within a game? That's what this week's episode is all a

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Review - Team Chat Podcast Episode 288
April 06, 2023

Mogan has been moving and grooving to the beats of Final Fantasy in Theatryhthm Final Bar Line, a rhythm-based game from Square Enix. Hear her full review in this week's episode!