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S4 Ep7: Sadako Yamamura/Goatman
May 31, 2024

Hello and welcome back to Tea Time Horrors. Today we cover paranormal and myth with a mix of urban legend! Joe will cover the urban legend of Sadako Yamamura while Sam covers the Goatman. Hold on tight as this is longer then usual episode but we hope you

S4 Ep6: D.B.Cooper Part Two
May 17, 2024

Welcome back everyone for another episode of Tea Time Horrors. Today is part two of D.B. Cooper. I know you had to wait so long for this part but I am glad you are back. Enjoy part two of this episode and we will see you next week for an episode of myth/p

S4 Ep5: D.B.Cooper Part One
May 03, 2024

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Tea Time Horrors. Today we cover a true crime, an unsolved true crime... D.B.Cooper. This crime still remains a cold case and one that has a huge fan base.

S4 Ep4: Hellyer House/Winchester Mystery House
April 19, 2024

Hello and welcome to episode 4! Today we are covering paranormal/myth episode of both local bay area locations. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to rate and review!

S4 Ep3: Bruce Blackman
April 05, 2024

Welcome to episode 3! Today is the week of true crime and we are covering a familicide! This episode is a bit short but it is a goodie. Come listen to Joe and I as we talk about the justice system and the case. I hope you enjoy.  Now, this is a sensitive

S4 Ep2: Skinwalkers
March 22, 2024

Welcome to episode 2! Today is week of paranormal and myth and today we cover Skinwalkers and Skinwalker Ranch. Joe will cover the myth behind the mysterious skinwalker while I do more of a history and paranormal background of the Skinwalker Ranch and how

S4 Ep1: JonBenet Ramsey
March 08, 2024

In this episode we are covering JonBenet Ramsey and her heartbreaking end. If you are sensitive about crimes on a child please be warned and listen with caution. http://jonbenetramsey.pbworks.com/w/page/11682483/Is%20This%20a%20DNA%20Casehttp://jonbene

S3 Ep3: #Sarcasm
April 30, 2022

Welcome to episode 3 of Tea Time Horrors and this time we cover a True Crime! We are covering a missing person Brian Shaffer. If you have any information about Brian Shaffer please reach out to the Columbus Police at 614-645-2358.

S3 Ep2: I Love My Knockers
April 23, 2022

Another episode of Tea Time Horrors! We cover another myth, this time of the Tommy Knockers and The Legend of Boggy Creek. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us we are on all social media platforms or you can email us at Teatimehorror

S3 Ep1: That's a No-No Spot
April 16, 2022

Welcome Tea Time Horrors back for a Season 3! We explain why we were gone for so long and introduce ourselves with a myth. Please enjoy!