Taryn & Friend

Taryn & Friend

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Getting Pre-Claire-d
October 20, 2020

Well, we're back. No one was asking for it, no one was missing us, but here we are anyways. In this pre-season episode, we give all our uneducated and unfounded bachelorette opinions. Low-quality content at its finest.

The one without the Bachelorette
June 16, 2019

We've become quite pretentious in these recent months and decided to talk about life (and not the Bachelorette). Ah, how thoughtful we are!

The Jump
March 07, 2019

Strap up folks cause this week your local neighborhood hero is clearing fences in a single bound! But beyond the jump we also discuss pressing matters like why Arie is the 2nd best bachelor, the worst Cassie of all time, and Courtney's inability to speak

The perfect balance of sexy and cute
February 27, 2019

This week we educate you all on the dangers of multilevel marketing and the 3 proven steps to land on BinP (or even the Bachelorette)

The Katie Effect
February 20, 2019

Mystery. Murder. Mayhem. On a terrifyingly dramatic episode of the Bachelor we discuss all the potential comeuppance and Colton's terminal DBD. 

Hey Coco...
February 13, 2019

Your resident Bachelor interpreters mourn a truly iconic contestant... and get a visit from a special rose-bearing guest.

The city of Thailand
February 08, 2019

On this week's unexciting episode of Colton's love journey we squeeze out as much content as we can to continue our never-ending quest of becoming a Bachelor-level content creator.

Dr. Demi
January 30, 2019

This week we go under the knife for a close-up on all the drama and learn a little bit about emotional intelligence with our resident psychologist Lauren Meadows #FreeNick

Roll Tide
January 25, 2019

We begin our adventure as your substitute Chris Harrisons in a (semi) quick update on Coltons 1st three episodes.