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Being an artist in Europe: Challenges, Funding Opportunities and New Approaches to Collaboration
January 27, 2022

What is the role of artists in society and what do they need to thrive?

Empowering Cities: Financing the Climate Transformation
December 08, 2021

How can we finance the transformation to the zero carbon city?

Progressive Governance: Germany's Political Turning Point
October 14, 2021

Just change or also progress? Ricarda Lang, Tobias Dürr & Jeremy Cliffe discuss the 2021 German Election

Progressive Governance: Europe’s Man on the Moon Project
September 15, 2021

Robert Habeck & Margrethe Vestager on the European digital transformation

Progressive Governance: Beating the Centre-Right
September 07, 2021

The future of big-tent parties in Europe

Progressive Governance: Against the Far-Right
August 31, 2021

How to defeat right-wing populists at the ballot?

Empowering Cities: The American Rescue Plan
July 25, 2021

How are cities using Biden’s stimulus package to drive change?

Common Values for a European Public Sphere #3
March 04, 2021

with Susanne Zels and Jana Puglierin, hosted by Paulina Fröhlich

Civil Society Cooperation for a European Public Sphere #2
March 04, 2021

with Anna Krenz and Terry Reintke, moderated by Paulina Fröhlich

Media for a European Public Sphere #1
March 03, 2021

with Christian-Zsolt Varga and Patrick Leusch, moderated by Paulina Fröhlich