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Talking Law

[EP 107] Trademark – don’t just set and forget

June 26, 2020

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As we approach the end of the financial year, and as you're booking in your planning sessions for the coming year, you do not want to forget one of the most important items - your brand protection.  Today we will discuss the importance of regular trade mark reviews. We have onboard Aspect Legal’s very own trade mark expert, Grace Yi to enlighten us with why you need to regularly review and maintain trade marks, when to do this and the steps to achieve this.

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Episode Highlights:

* Why are we talking about this?
* Brand protection needs to be reviewed regularly
* The risks and issues when you skip your trade mark review
* Why should you make sure your trade mark registrations are active?
* Examples of issues that might arise when you forget to review your trade marks
* When is the best time to review your trade mark protection?
* Always remember that this is an area of changing law
* What do you need to do?
* Top tips to take away

In this episode, we talk to Aspect Legal’s very own trade mark expert Grace Yi about the importance of regular trade mark reviews. Grace, along with our host Joanna Oakey, dive into trade marks and why you should never just set-and-forget. 
At the beginning of their discussion, they talk about how it is important to continually and periodically turn your attention to your business and consider your trade mark protection because things change over time, and you might end up with gaps that you’re unaware of. After that, the discussion turns to when to consider a review, Grace and Joanna give examples of when it may be the best time to consider trade mark protection for your business. Grace also shares some simple and practical steps for you to properly maintain your business’ trade mark protection.

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