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Talking Law

[EP 103] How to win tenders and business awards

May 14, 2020

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Today we talk to the lovely Rosemary Gillespie from Proof Communication about how to win tenders and business awards. We look at the importance of understanding tenders and what business owners should know about awards. So buckle in and let’s get into this great episode.

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Episode Highlights:

* Why are Tenders so important for businesses?
* Opportunities in being able to respond to tenders
* An easy understanding of the tender process
* Always read the contracts first
* Managing the risk factors surrounding tenders
* What to look out for in the tender process
* Always have someone to lead the tender
* Address your perspective client in your tender
* Tips on time management in the tender process
* Always proofread before submitting
* Awards and what to be aware of

In this Talking Law episode we have the pleasure of talking to Rosemary Gillespie, founded of Proof Communications since 2000. Prior to this Rosemary worked for KPMG and Allens Linklaters as the firms’ tenders manager. Rosemary has worked on hundreds of tenders to government, private companies, and listed companies so she has seen every tender and response scenario there is, she is an expert in this field.
Today Rosemary and host Joanna Oakey discuss how to win tenders and business awards. They tackle how a business or business owner can easily understand tenders and outline the possible risk factors and how to avoid them. They discuss the correct way to respond to a tender discuss how to manage the time when responding to a tender and discuss awards.

Transcript below!
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Joanna: Hi, it's Joanna Oakey here and welcome back to Talking Law. A podcast proudly brought to you by our commercial legal practice Aspect Legal. Now today, we have on the show the lovely Rosemary Gillespie from Proof Communications. And today, Rosemary and I are talking all about how to win tenders, including government tenders and how to win business awards and we might just throw in a few legal tips there along the way as well.
So, Rosemary, thank you so much for coming on board to chat to us today.
Rosemary: My pleasure, Jo. Lovely to be here.
Joanna: Yeah, fabulous. Look, I think this is a really important topic. I want you to talk about why you think it's an important topic. First of all, give my sort of synopsis. We have a lot of clients who are involved in responding to tenders. And certainly we also work on the other side in in acting for...