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Talking Law

[EP 100] Reaching and Celebrating 100 Talking Law Episodes

April 08, 2020

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This is not just a normal regular episode, it is very special because today, we celebrate Talking Law’s 100th episode! Last year we were very lucky to have reached our 100th episode for our sister podcast The Deal Room and right now, thanks to all of your massive and undying support, Talking Law has done the same. Join us as we go through our top 10 most popular and downloaded episodes which have really impacted you, our listeners since we started Talking Law. Do you have an episode in mind that might make the cut? Well, let’s find out.

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Episode Highlights:

* Our 10 most popular episodes
* Themes from our past 99 episodes

In today’s episode our host Joanna Oakey quickly reflects on our top 10 most popular and downloaded episodes which have really impacted our listeners. We look through each episode on our Top 10 list and in ascending order from the least downloaded to the most downloaded.
Top 10: Understanding the New Unfair Contracts Legislation and How the Legislation Impacts Your Business (Episode 3)
Top 09: Common Mistakes People Make in the area of Trademarks with Grace Yi (Episode 25)
Top 08: Investigating the Different Types of Business Structures and How to Know which Is Best for You  (Episode 2)
Top 07: Legal Traps in Marketing 101 (Episode 27)
Top 06: Loose Lips Sink Ships: Defamation and its consequences for you with Claire Gallagher (Episode 23)
Top 05: Clauses in Contracts You Sign: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Episode 6)
Top 04: Trademarks 101: The Basics (Episode 5)
Top 03: Understanding Commonly Used Contract Terms (Episode 11)
Top 02: Demystifying indemnity clauses (Episode 13)
Top 01: The 6 Top Legal Landmines in Business (Episode 1)
So did your favourite episode make the list? Was there an episode you preferred? Let us know in the comments wherever you see this episode.

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