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Talking Law

[EP 098] Top Legal and Tax tips for accountants dealing with clients selling (or acquiring) a business

November 21, 2019

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In this episode we get legal and tax tips for accountants dealing with clients selling or acquiring a business from Peter Bembrick, a tax partner at HLB Mann Judd Sydney. Peter has provided tax assistance to businesses and individuals since he joined HLB Mann Judd over 30 years ago, and became a Partner there in 2004.
We would usually cover the topic of selling and acquiring businesses on our sister podcast The Deal Room. What we are discussing today is actually part of a two-part series which can be found in the Deal Room Podcast. We felt however that part one of this series suited the audience of Talking Law. So to ensure we are reaching out to all the right people sit back and relax as we dive into legal and tax tips from Peter Bembrick.

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Episode Highlights:

* A little background of Peter Bembrick
* First key tax tip on selling or acquiring
* Common Mistakes when working out tax outcomes
* Planning is key
* It’s all about timing
* Why are there so many cases of business owners coming in an exit, not being armed with full information of the difference in a tax outcome?
* Set aside time for having proactive discussions with client bases

Today we have a great episode covering legal and tax tips for accountants working with clients selling or acquiring a business. We talk with Peter Bembrick from HLB Mann Judd. after 30+ years in the game, Peter knows a thing or two and share with us hit top tips on dealing with clients who are leading to exits or who might be looking at acquiring a business.
Join Peter and Joanna in this deep discussion as they focus on relevant tips for accountants and advisers who deal with businesses leading up to a sale. They discuss missed opportunities and the differences in selling a business and selling shares in a company. Peter also talks about small business CGT concessions and some of the impacts following the tightening of 2018, and the ideal situation of assisting business owners to plan their exit well in advance.
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