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Talking Law

[EP 096] How to deal with Personal Guarantees – Don’t Set and Forget

September 25, 2019

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If you’re a business owner, it’s likely that at one time or another you’ve been asked to provide a personal guarantee to a contract. But just because it’s asked, doesn’t mean it’s required. Here’s everything you need to know before signing a personal guarantee.

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Episode Highlights:

* Why are we talking about this
* Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to personal guarantees
* What businesses should be mindful of before they sign a personal guarantee
* What are some of the other elements that we should be considering
* Top tips in dealing with personal guarantees

In Today’s episode of Talking Law we talk all about personal guarantees. Most business owners aren’t quite sure how to answer this question and that’s certainly alarming, to say the least. And that’s exactly why our resident expert Fiona Yiend, who heads up our M&A services at Aspect Legal, is joining us today to talk about this topic. 
In this episode, we discuss some important questions you need to consider before providing a personal guarantee. We also give you tips on how you can push back and negotiate your way out of a personal guarantee when you’re asked for it. 
At Aspect Legal, we make it our duty to help you grow your business while ensuring you are free from any unnecessary risks and liabilities that may arise in the future. Personal guarantees, when entered into haphazardly, can spell serious trouble for you and your business. So consider yourself warned, and armed by tuning in to this insightful episode on personal guarantees.

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