Talking with Talent

Talking with Talent

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Episode 13 Ken Boggle
September 13, 2020

Tarot Reader Ken Boggle talks about growing up with a gift, surrounded by the "witchery" of Appalachia. Hear about the new season of Ken's show, Tarot Date with Ken Boggle, on Vidi Space! Bobby Calloway is your host!  

Episode 12 Ben Wilson
September 02, 2020

Actor Ben Wilson talks about making his short film, Unknown Guest; charts his work with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain; and describes working with Director and Photographer Zeb Daemen for the film Adolescence.

Episode 11: Bobby Calloway, Filmmaking and Classic Hollywood
August 06, 2020

Actor and Writer Bobby Calloway talks about filmmaking, Classic Hollywood and making your own work.  Brian Patrick O'Malley guest-hosts for Actor-Presenter Jack Sharkey.

Episode 10: Actor Ryan Mann
August 01, 2020

Actor Ryan Mann talks about his role in 'Top Secret,' his training at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), and working with Director Humphrey Pitman of Millennial Films.  Guest Host Brian Patrick O'Malley fills in for Presenter Jack Sharkey. Ryan...

Episode 9 Jason Farries and The Voodoo Man
July 30, 2020

Actor and Filmmaker Jason Farries talks about learning at and working with SAE Institute, Oxford; the support his alma mater has for grads; and the film festival circuit under lockdown during a global pandemic. Guest host Brian Patrick O'Malley fills...

Episode 8 Tony McGeever
May 27, 2020

Actor Tony McGeever talks with Jack Sharkey about working on television series like 'Hope Springs' and 'Shetland.' Get the story on the well-timed advice that renewed Tony's dedication to his calling as an Actor!

Episode 7 Greg Young
May 06, 2020

Actor, Filmmaker and Musician Greg Young talks about his work on the stage and screen. Learn about the film scene in Wicklow, Ireland, and enjoy an original song by Greg Young!

Talking with Jason: The Tiger King, 1 of 2
April 18, 2020

Actors Jason Farries and Jack Sharkey talk about the Netflix documentary, The Tiger King. Just as Jack predicted, Jason binge-watched the entire series after trying one episode. Spoilers about big cats, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.

Episode 6 Conor Boru
April 16, 2020

Conor Boru, Actor, Writer and Director, talks about the importance of making your own work. "Make the film that you can make now, essentially." Get Conor's insight on drama school, building a creative team, and making an indie film. Get details on the...

Talking with Jason
April 07, 2020

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