Tales On A Crooked Road Podcast

Tales On A Crooked Road Podcast

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Surviving COVID-19 - Martial Arts School Owner Edition with West Coast Karate Owner - Jason Cole.
April 07, 2020

Join us for our new Surviving COVID-19 Series as entrepreneurs.  Jason Cole of West Coast Karate joins us in this episode as he talks to us about methods of gaining traction and surviving as a martial arts school owner even with the Pandemic happening.  .

Moments - How I Hit $11k in One month!
February 18, 2020

I've been on this journey of growing my agency for the past 2-3 years. And now I'd like to share with you what took my business to its first 5 figure month. Ready to grow your dojo? Contact us via www.dojogeekymarketing.com

The Journey From $10k Months To Nearing 7-Figures w. Andrew Kroeze
July 03, 2019

Andrew Kroeze shares with us his journey from hitting Six-Figures to now almost 7-Figures!  "In April 2017, I was … out of shape and financially frustrated while working at a 9-5 job I hated so much. The future looked gloomy, and I felt downtrodden about.

Grinding At A Stocking Job Making $300 A Week To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Business with Haitian Entrepreneur Djeffson Athis
June 21, 2019

Meet Djeffson Athis ---Born in Haiti ---Started working a Stocking Job. Started doing door to door sales.  ---Built a Multi-Million Dollar Business. Pulled in over 3.5 million last year in his business. ---Beat the odds even when he first faced language .

From Re-Selling Used College Books To Gaining Over $30 Million In Online Sales with Nathan Hirsch
June 13, 2019

Nathan is a serial entrepreneur, he started his first business by buying and selling textbooks, before moving on and finding his niche in baby products, home goods, and outdoor stuff. Nathan got the idea for FreeeUp because he got frustrated that he was .

From $100k In Debt To Building A 6-Figure Health & Wellness Business with Samantha Scruggs
June 06, 2019

Check out this amazing episode with Anxiety Expert Samantha Scruggs. She reveals to us how she overcame anxiety in order to scale her business to 5 Figure Months!! Don't miss out on the three major insights she shared with us that actually allowed her to.

How To Overcome Lame Excuses And Develop Killer Instinct With Millionaire High Ticket E-Commerce ICON Earnest Epps
May 31, 2019

E-Com (E-Commerce) ICON & High Ticket E-Com Genius Earnest Epps joined us in this in-depth conversation. He literally took off his armor today and brought us in on the challenges he has faced on his crooked road to success! Overcoming numerous barriers i.

How To Make A Living As An Content Creator with Pastor Randy Brown (Bonus) Divi Themes Insights
March 09, 2019

Pastor Randy Brown joined us in the conversation to unveil the lifestyle of a Content Creator. Content Creators are in high demand in 2019. Randy is a stellar content creator and also notable of his power blogs teaching users about Divi Theme.  (Bonus) W.

One Of The Last Mentees of Napoleon Hill with Ben Gay (Super Episode)
February 23, 2019

This is our first (Super Episode) this time with special Guest Ben Gay III. He was actually mentored directly under the Legendary Napoleon Hill. He's worked side by side with many big name sales gurus including.. "Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nighting.

Javelins Speak Value with Evangelist Teandria Ellis
February 15, 2019

Have you ever fought with your calling or your purpose? Special Guest Evangelist Teandria Ellis stops by to drop some major insights on hearing the call of God.  She shares the story of her journey on the crooked road to success. Feel a desire to sow a s.