Take Me Back To The 90s PODCAST

Take Me Back To The 90s PODCAST

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February 14, 2020

On Episode 23 we talk about Valentines Day and how women are bad at giving presents. Why i am thinking of dating outside of my race. We dig into Dwayne Wade's son, Zaya and if children should be allowed to transition at such an early age. The Genesis of t

February 07, 2020

On Episode 22 we talk about Gayle King facing a lot of backlash following her recent interview with WNBA legend Lisa Leslie. Many people have been disappointed in Gayle for bringing up past allegations against Kobe Bryant and asking if it makes his legacy

January 31, 2020

On Episode 21 I talk about the untimely passing of Kobe Bryant and what he meant to me, conspiracies surrounding the crash. Personal update on my life, struggles and altercations. Dig deep into 'situationships' and flings and how women in my life are pand

September 06, 2019

On Episode 20 I talk about (01:10) Nicki Minaj retiring and her legacy, (11:03) The death of Uyinene Mrwetyana & the rise of femicide in South Africa. (17:30) Cat-Calling Culture among African Men and what needs to be done to change things. (22:00) Th

August 30, 2019

On Episode 19 we talk about (01:20) the trash 'Big Rich Town' Remix by Trey Songz & 50 Cent, (03:10) Power Season 5 Premiere and the war between Ghost vs Tommy and the bad story arks of Tariq & Tasha. (21:10) Dave Chapelle's New Netflix Special "S

Brenda, LaTisha, Linda...
August 23, 2019

On Episode 18 we talk about (01:20) Dame Dash and the comments he made about Jay Z, (16:00) Collin Kaepernick's quietness among the drama and weather he signed an NDA with the NFL? (28:25) The 'DMX Challenge' and the never ending 'Hot Girl Summer' Movemen

August 16, 2019

On Episode 17 we talk about Jeffery Epstein, who died by an apparent suicide and his relationship with The Clinton's. Joe Biden's underlying racist remarks and The Democratic Party Race. How Elizabeth Warren moved ahead of Bernie Sanders to claim sec

August 08, 2019

On Episode 16 my nephew Dylan joins me to talk about the disconnect between the black man & woman (relationship dynamics, the 50/50 debate, human economics)  We touch on our 'first date deal breakers'. Where Mario Lopez's views insensitive?? Our

August 01, 2019

On Episode 15 i talk about Instagram removing likes and the pros and cons of the move and dig deep into Instant Gratification and the psychology of it. I also talk about how Social Media is not real and is a big Mirage and people only show they're highlig

April 18, 2019

On Episode 14 i talk about texting first (02:44), Fox News Anchor, Laura Ingram (13:47) incorrect reporting on Nipsey Hussle, was it on purpose? People being happy Kodak Black (22:07) got arrested for gun violations, is it fair Karma? Donald Glover &