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The Faith Amina Show : Men Talk!
April 08, 2020

Faith Amina sats down with 5 men from different backgrounds , to talk about  Do men want a submissive women?  Listen to Nerd, Rafael Savan , Anthony Groves , Jaja Kobina , B Bailey as we dive into a conversation that quickly took off. We br

Living with your partner before marriage: The Faith Amina Show
March 02, 2020

In today episode join Faith Amina as she talks with two men and two women about living with a partner before marriage. What are your thoughts?? Comments below. Faith Amina has now changed her mind on some of her thoughts but still stands by what she said.

The Faith Amina Show : Pro Choice vs Pro life. Well ,Just Pro Choice !
January 07, 2020

HEY in 2020! Welcome back to The Faith Amina Show, We have been gone but we are back and better. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode on Pro Choice vs Pro Life. All the Pro Life people we had schedule to come did not show up but its okay. We did get to ta

S1:E5 Let's Talk DC Now Events With Nels Cephas
August 07, 2019

This week Faith Amina is joined by Nels Cephas @greatnessiam on IG, we discuss greatness in depth conversation about the start of @dcnowevents which lead to, The launch of our Blog Platform @blogeventsnow , The new roll

S1: EP. 4 Community Building with @youngthorn All Verb, No Convo , Wood You Wear, SyceGame
July 31, 2019

 This week Faith Amina is joined by Thorn Aka @Youngthorn on IG, we  discuss Community Building, How he got started in South East DC, All Verb no Convo,  And the Influence he has in the Music / Art world. Check Out Thorn and The Faith Amina

S:1 EP. 3 Fitness, Music and Aliens FT. T.Brown Photographer,Media, Health Advocate
July 17, 2019

This week Faith Amina is joined byT. Brown Photographer  / Health Advocate, we  discuss her weight lost journey , fitness fashion line, music, and aliens  . Check Out T.Brown  and The Faith Amina show on social media  @T.Brown @T

S1: EP. 2 Adulting ft. Chris Pyrate Artist / Designer / Mural
July 10, 2019

 This week Faith Amina is joined by Chris Pyrate mural artist/ designer and they discuss adulting , protecting your intellectual creativity, and moving to other places to flourish . Check Out Chris Pyrate and The Faith Amina show on social media&nbsp

S1 : EP. 1 Tinder or Bumble W/ Jordan Aka @teencudi
May 15, 2019

Question of the week : You are dating and they request that you spend every Sunday with there family for dinner, would you do it? (Yes or No) On this week of The Faith Amina Show we talk With Jordan ( about Tinder an

Taboo Topic With Keiara West of Kei WeiDesigns
April 10, 2019

we talked to Keiara West, current owner and designer of Kei Wei Designs Carnival costumes, and Unlocked Events event decor service. Graduated in 2014 from Towson University in Maryland. With a degree in Mass Communication, she specializes in Strategic Pub

Taboo Topics : with NELS CEPHAS the CEO of @dcnowevents
April 03, 2019

Former event planner and nightclub promoter Nels Cephas has been reaching new heights with his recent endeavor DCNowEvents. With over 8 years in the industry, having sponsored and curated over 3,000+ events in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area, Ceph