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Podcast Archives - Taboo and Turn On

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Episode 11 – The Shadow Sides of Sexual Assault with Jennifer Underwood
November 02, 2017

This conversation with Jennifer is edgy. It was born out of the #metoo movement to bring light to the number of people who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, or violence. We tackle the challenging topic of the unconscious motivations of why w...

Episode 10 – Feeling Grief and Honoring Love with Elisabeth Becker
October 30, 2017

  Grief. We avoid it like the plague at times. We don’t want to feel it. We don’t want to talk about it. Yet if it isn’t addressed, it festers, makes us sick, even shuts us down to even giving or receiving love.

Episode 9 – Overcoming the Pain of Silencing your Story with Jenna Nicole
October 18, 2017

  I don’t know a single person that won’t relate to this conversation. It is about the ways we silence ourselves and the pain that comes from it. In this tender, sweet, and honest conversation with Jenna, we cover the following topics: Politeness,

Episode 8 – The Struggle around Sharing my Sex Stories
October 11, 2017

In this solo episode, I let you in on the struggle I was having in writing my book. I was experiencing major writer’s block and realized a lot of it was in part due to the unsafely I feel (and probably MOST women feel) around sex.

Episode 7 – Real Talk about Working on Relationships with Michelle Ann Owens
September 29, 2017

Relationships. They take work. They do. But what kind of work, and what if the work is learning to walk away? In this hilarious and honest conversation with Michelle, we cover the following topics: How working on relationships does take two after all  ...

Episode 5 – My Recent Accident and Health Scare
September 13, 2017

In this solo episode, I share with you the nitty gritty around the recent accident I had … quite a health scare. My face is still healing from a broken nose, black eyes, and a gashed up forehead. You can find photos on Instagram and my FB biz page – @t...

Episode 6 – Getting High Off of Honesty with Aaron Steinberg
September 13, 2017

Aaron FS is a relationship coach from Oakland, CA. Over the past seven years, he has helped hundreds of people learn to communicate confidently and effectively in relationships so they can feel truly free and fulfilled.

Episode 4 – The Vulnerability of Wanting and Desire
September 03, 2017

In this solo episode, I share with you the interesting dynamic of wanting and turn on being just as vulnerable as taboo. That the mere act of wanting has us want to hide and shut down desire. It’s a fascinating topic and also a place for us to bring aw...

Episode 3 – Creativity and Literary Love Affairs with Ashwak Fardoush
September 03, 2017

Ashwak Fardoush is a writer and a teacher. She was born in Bangladesh and emigrated to the United States with her family at a young age. Her writing explores issues related to gender and sexuality, trauma, body politics, immigration,

Episode 2 – The Wound and Shame around Bodies
August 31, 2017

In this solo episode, I share with you my thoughts and feelings around the shame we hold towards our bodies. Mostly I share around my own wounding when it comes to my body. It is a super raw and tender place for me.