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286 - A Doctor and A Chef Debunk Every Nutrition Myth You’ve Ever Heard with Dr. Jim Loomis and Caryn Dugan
June 12, 2024

Join us for an inspiring episode with Dr. Jim Loomis and Chef Caryn Dugan, the dynamic duo behind the YouTube show, The Doc & Chef. Dr. Loomis, Medical Director at the Physicians Committee for Respons

285 - How to Be an Impactful Vegan with Bodybuilder and Author Robert Cheeke
June 05, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Robert Cheeke, the trailblazing "godfather of vegan bodybuilding," New York Times bestselling author, and advocate for compassionate living. With his infectious enthu

284 - Are Your Clothes Killing You? With Fashion Designer Lydia Wendt
May 29, 2024

In a world where petrochemicals and other toxins pervade our clothing and impact our health, were thrilled to welcome Lydia Wendt, the visionary Founder and Design Director of California Cloth Foundr

283 - How Veganism Improves Your Life with NBA Coach Joseph Blair
May 22, 2024

Today, we host a trailblazer in the world of sports and mentorship. With a professional basketball career that spanned the planet including a stint with the Harlem Globetrotters and a Euroleague MV

282 - Can Regenerative Farming Save Us? with Cattle Rancher Thomas Locke
May 15, 2024

Today, we delve into the transformative power of regenerative agriculture! Our guest, Thomas Locke, shares his inspiring journey from a corporate desk job to transforming his family farm in Windom, Te

281 - The Rock Hard Penis - Drugs Vs Diet with Dr. Aaron Spitz
May 08, 2024

Our guest today is an expert on all things related to the penis and male reproductive medicine. Although many folks are uncomfortable talking about issues related to the penis, Dr. Arron Spitz normali

280 - Reversing Constipation & Hair Loss with Nutrition Coach Melissa Webster
May 01, 2024

Are you yearning for a healthier lifestyle but feel uncertain about where to begin? Join us in this episode as we delve into the transformative world of whole-food, plant-based living with our guest,

279 - Dealing with Digestive Issues with Nutritionist & Cookbook Author Desiree Nielsen
April 24, 2024

If youve ever wondered how to make nutritious food taste amazing or what foods boost your health by supporting your gut microbiome, then youre going to love todays episode! Our guest is Desiree N

278 - What Science Teaches Us About Losing Weight and Boosting Energy With Stanford Nutrition Researcher Dr. Christopher Gardner
April 17, 2024

Today, were joined by Dr. Christopher Gardner, a renowned nutrition researcher and Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. In this episode, Dr. Gardner shares his wealth of knowledge and valuab

277 - Fight MS & Disordered Eating with a Plant-Based Diet! with Dr. Rachael Hunter
April 10, 2024

In this episode, we welcome Dr. Rachael Hunter, a distinguished clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in psychology at Swansea University. Dr. Hunter joins us to delve into her groundbreaking rese