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Interview with Robert Bauer #EdTechGZ 6th Annual Conference
October 26, 2019

On today's show we hear from Robert Bauer at American International School Guangzhou, live at the 6th Annual #EdTechGZ Conference.  Well done to Robert and the hard working team at AISG for an excellent conference. More information to follow Apologie

G5 Camp Podcast
October 16, 2019

A reflection podcast from G5 Students SWIS Shenzhen about their recent camping trip to HK. It sounds like they had an amazing time and it was fantastic to hear how grateful they are to the camp leader and teachers who brought them there.  Well done G

Shenzhen Orientation Podcast #5 Bars/Restaurants
June 21, 2019

McCawley's Shekou (Seaworld) were the sponsors of today's show on SWIS ROC Radio. Craig Wildman, the general manager, kindly offered three loyalty cards to new members of SWIS Staff which we will give out on the next show. Thank you Craig.  On the sh

Outstanding Results for SWIS Students in 2019 College Applications
June 14, 2019

Greg Mason, University and Career Counselor SWIS, was the guest on SWIS ROC Radio today to update us on the outstanding successes achieved by the 2019 SWIS students in their college applications. For more information on this you can also read an earlier

Health/Fitness/Sport in Shenzhen
June 06, 2019

Today's show featured Cloe Lacombe Bar, Johanna Henson and Matt Manfredi who talked all about sports, health and fitness in Shenzhen!  Our show this week was sponsored by Volfonis In Shekou. Owen very kindly donated 5x100 RMB vouchers for new/current

New Staff Orientation Podcast E4 Teaser - Sports/Health/Fitness Options
June 05, 2019

#swisrocradio new staff #swisShenzhen orientation podcast E4 will be recorded tomorrow afternoon.  Here is some information about the topics we will cover and there's lots of information about Sports/Health/Fitness Options in #Shenzhen in this Google

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Shenzhen China
May 30, 2019

We welcomed Justin Barrett, MYP Drama Teacher, on to #SWISROCRADIO this morning.   Our regular co-host Matt Manfredi was in the seat beside Justin to keep him in check.... Introduction (0.03-07.36) We had some house keeping which needed to be address

New staff #swisShenzhen Orientation Podcast 3 Teaser
May 29, 2019

We will record the 3rd in our series of orientation podcasts tomorrow morning with Matt Manfredi, Long Island, New York and Justin Barrett, SWIS MYP Drama Teacher from Australia.  We will talk about transport and travel within China and further afiel

So You’ve Decided to Move to China....What Next?
May 24, 2019

SWIS Shenzhen Orientation Episode #E2  Today we welcomed Tuula Webb & Matthew Manfredi on SWIS ROC Radio for the second in our orientation podcasts.  The focus of this podcast in the first part of the show was housing; we looked at the advan

The Harkness Method of Teaching by SWIS' Matt Manfredi
May 23, 2019

This morning at SWIS, Matt Manfredi from Long Island in New York was the guest on SWIS ROC Radio.   We hear a little bit of information about his family; his mother and father, Lois and Dante and his wonderful daughter, Kayley in Hanoi (who eats