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Baker Creek Seeds is My Crack Dealer – Epi-3008
January 04, 2022

Hi, my name is Jack and I am a seed addict.  I have tried to get this monkey off my back for decades now.  Every year about Christmas time when the mid shifts to getting ready for spring I say … Conti

Out Back with Jack – Epi-3007
January 03, 2022

Today we are back after our holiday shutdown with an episode of  “Outback with Jack”.  These podcasts will be generated though back porch (weather permitting) live steam sessions done early early in t

Episode-182- TSP Rewind – The Christmas Special 2021
December 22, 2021

Most of today’s show is a recreation of 2008’s Christmas special. Today we pause and take a moment to reflect on Christmas and how it has become the Holiday we celebrate today. Many American’s have no

Kingsley and Erin Edwards on Flote’s New Platform – Epi-3006
December 21, 2021

Kingsley Edwards entered the blockchain industry in 2013 by founding Leet, an esports bitcoin platform, which was later acquired in 2017. He is now focused on connecting people and payments with encry

Topic Round Table for 12-20-21 – Epi-3005
December 20, 2021

Today we we have a topic round table discussion.  I have a lot to cover and we will also be interacting with the audience in live streams on Flote and YouTube. These podcasts will are a lot like old s

Out Back with Jack – Epi-3004
December 17, 2021

Today we we have our Friday show,  “Outback with Jack”.  These podcasts will be generated though back porch live steam sessions done early on Friday mornings.  That will be approximately 0730-0830 CST

Expert Council Q&A for 12-16-21 – Epi–3003
December 16, 2021

Today on The Survival Podcast the expert council answers your questions on vaccines, liberty, bonds, crypto, the battery industry, cooking, tools, generators, censorship and more. Make sure if you sub

The New Flote with Alex Martin & Alexander Meyers – Epi-3002
December 15, 2021

Due to a conflict Kingsley Edwards (Flote’s CEO) can’t be with us today but we still have a great show for you on the new Flote. We will be joined by Alex Martin, Flote’s COO and Alexander Meyers, Flo

We are in the Middle of a Collapse and that is Good – Epi-3001
December 14, 2021

This episode will likely go in a direction you will not expect based on either the title or the graphic I chose for a thumbnail. Today we are going to look at the current, (yes current) and ongoing co

Reflections on 3000 Episodes of The Survival Podcast – Epi-3000
December 13, 2021

Today I invite you to reflect on 3,000 episodes of The Survival Podcast with me. When I started this show almost 14 years ago now, I knew it would become something amazing. But I had no idea how amazi