Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast

Surrounded by Idiots Radio Podcast

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Confidence and Cosmetic Procedures
April 06, 2023

Can you achieve lasting Confidence Through Cosmetic Procedures? Can you permanently increase your Self-Esteem with an Aesthetic procedure like Botox, breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping,

Confidence Battling Cancer
March 30, 2023

In this episode my daughter, Rachel, shares her personal story about her confidence battling cancer. Here is the Youtube Video Podcast link: At 28 years old, Rachel was di

Confidence Changing Careers
March 23, 2023

This weeks special guest tells the true story of how to have Confidence in Changing Careers. Watch the Youtube video Podcast here: My special guest, Marina Tolentino shar

She Talks Music for Courage and Confidence
March 09, 2023

I have invited Personal Coach and Brand Strategist, Kristen Hartnagel on the show to talk about Music for Courage and Confidence. If you want to watch the Youtube video, go to

Confidence and Starting Your Own Business
March 02, 2023

Its takes a lot of Confidence to start a business And for women, the road to being your own boss has been a steeper climb. Business has been a male-driven institution forever. But recently that has b

Confidence and Owning Your Reputation
February 23, 2023

Special Guest Larissa Salazar, Brand Strategist and Master Business Coach with Brand Builders Group, shares her story about how she got a bad reputation in college and how she was finally able to crea

She Talks Confidence Episode 1
February 17, 2023

Its been a while but Im back with a new show geared towards Womens Confidence. I am transitioning the Surrounded by Idiots Podcast to the She Talks Confidence Podcast. So, the next few shows will b

Amazing Books That Can Change Your Life
September 23, 2021

This week, I decided to share with you the most amazing books I have ever read AND the one big mistake most people make when they buy a self-help book. Link to the Youtube Video There are literally th

Why Do Relationships Fail After 3 Months?
September 15, 2021

Why do some relationships fail so quickly when they begin so insanely great? Click here for the Youtube Video Hint: It has something to do with yourself . actually, it has EVERYTHING to do with you a

How to Be Less Angry With People
September 08, 2021

The key to be less angry with people has been right in front of you the whole time. This weeks podcast episode is all about the power of controlling your thoughts and emotions even though the world s