Surpass Community Assessment Podcast

Surpass Community Assessment Podcast

The role of formative and continuous summative assessment in general qualifications

March 01, 2021

COVID has been one of the biggest challenges to face education and assessment in years.

In this podcast, Simon Trevers, Chief Strategy Officer for the Surpass team at BTL, discusses the ongoing challenges faced by COVID and how there is now an opportunity for awarding organisations to make a positive step towards technology.

Simon discusses formative and continuous summative assessment in detail and how, by undertaking a step-by-step transition to technology-based assessments, these forms of assessment can enhance the examination process. Doing so would mitigate the risk associated with 100% terminal assessment programmes and improve the value of the assessment experience for students, teachers, and education leaders.

About Simon Trevers, Chief Strategy Officer

Simon has worked in the educational and assessment technology industry for over 14 years and has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering a diverse range of interactive learning platforms, learning management systems and online assessment services for customers across the UK and overseas. Simon’s skills and experience encompass product management, product development, commercial management and solutions architecture.

Simon’s role as Chief Strategy Officer at BTL involves working alongside clients and industry partners to understand business needs and operational challenges, and to identify future trends in assessment.

Prior to working in educational and assessment technology, Simon was involved in healthcare communications technology for almost 10 years, delivering services to hospitals globally.

Having graduated from The University of Reading with a degree in Geography, Simon’s more recent professional qualifications include an ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and he is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner.