Surpass Community Assessment Podcast

Surpass Community Assessment Podcast

(Surpass 19) Is it time for assessment 4.0? A look at the changing labour market with Olly Newton from The Edge Foundation

October 28, 2019

In this audio version of his presentation at Surpass Conference 2019, Olly Newton, Director of policy and Research at The Edge Foundation delivered the keynote speech at the 2019 Surpass Conference. In his presentation, Olly highlights an increase in skills shortage vacancies and discusses the type of skills that employers today see as having the most value. Olly gives examples of educational institutions at the forefront of change, who are preparing young learners for 21st-century work through an emphasis on project-based work in real-world scenarios, before emphasising the effect that innovation in the assessment industry can have on the future of education.

You can see Olly's presentation in full at today.

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