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Hella Cromulent Simpsons Show

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3.8: Lisa's Pony
April 17, 2020

Homer will do anything he can to make Lisa love him again after he can't get her a 4 1/2 reed in time. Fun episode that makes us realize that sometimes homer will go to great lengths to please his family!

3.7: Simpsons Halloween Special II
April 09, 2020

Jesse and Greg are Joined by a non-Simpsons fan (Paul) to watch this wonderful Halloween special. As a group that sincerely loves the Simpsons halloween episodes/Treehouse of Horror this feels like such an authentic on. Plus hear some authentic 1991...

3.6: Like Father Like Klown
April 03, 2020

We learn the sad story of Krusty the Klown's origin. (that isn't even his real name!!) He was shunned by his father for wanting to be performer and not a musician or jazz singer. Can Bart and Lisa bring the two back together again? Will Lisa learn...

3.5: Homer Defined
March 28, 2020

Homer saves Springfield from Nuclear meltdown, but mostly with dumb luck. After being showered with praised and recognized for his greatness, he has to walk the fine line to show he knows what he's doing. Until he has to prove he knows.... and of...

3.4: Bart the Murderer
January 06, 2020

Bart get's caught up with some of Springfield's more nefarious characters. Culminating in a clash between them and one of Bart's known enemies.

3.3: When Flanders Failed
December 09, 2019

Season 3. Episode 3: The first episode ever revolving around Ned Flanders, and we like Ned Flanders dang diddly ding dong heck! Ned leaves his 9-5 to open up his own store catering to the left handed population like himself. Homer has a moral quandary...

3.2: Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
December 03, 2019

On this episode we cover the episode where Homer learns that he loves to read magazines and Lisa uncovers the seedy underbelly of the US government and it's ways. 

3.1: Stark Raving Dad
November 11, 2019

Homer gets put into a mental institute in which he befriends, Michael Jackson? Season 3 premiere is a great episode, maybe even worth a 5 yellow finger, god-tier rating....Maybe!

2.22: Blood Feud
November 04, 2019

Bart saves Mr. Burns's life. But Homer becomes enraged when Mr. Burns doesn't return the favor by sending the Simpsons what he considers to be an appropriate "thank you" gift.

2.21: 3 Men and a comic book
October 29, 2019

Whenattends a comic book convention dressed as his superhero alter ego Bartman, he finds the first issue offor $100 at's Android's Dungeon. However, he does not have enough money to buy it, and