Support For Survivors

Support For Survivors

Addressing Sexual Abuse through Advocacy, Engagement and Education

August 17, 2022

Interview with Beth White, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking

Shaunestte talks with Beth White, the President and CEO of ICESAHT, about the steps her organization is taking across the state of Indiana to help sexual assault and human trafficking victims. Beth shares how her background in public service prepared her to lead ICESAHT in building strong partnerships with organizations that provide direct services to victims and providing prevention education across Indiana. Shaunestte and Beth also talk about House Enrolled Act 1079 that clarifies what consent means when it comes to allegations of rape and how this can help victims seeking justice.    

Website: ICESAHT

Instagram: @ICESAHT

Facebook: @ICESAHT

Host- Shaunestte Terrell

Guest- Beth White, ICESAHT President and CEO