Support For Survivors

Support For Survivors

Indiana Primary Election May 3

April 13, 2022

Shaunestte talks with Lee Buckingham, Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County. The Indiana primary election is May 3rd and Lee is running for re-election. They discuss how the population in Hamilton County has grown over the years and the work that Lee’s office has done to support public safety efforts and serve its residents.

Lee joined the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in 1995 as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. And has spent the bulk of his first 16 years with the office handling major felony cases from financial and property crimes to violent offenses like rape, child molesting, burglary, robbery, and murder. 

Since 2011 Lee has been leading the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorneys Office as the elected Prosecuting Attorney. The population has grown from approximately 274,000 to over 350,000 today. Despite the monumental growth and change, one thing has not changed. Hamilton County has remained a wonderful and very safe place to live, often ranked as one of the top places in the nation to live.

Host- Shaunestte Terrell

Guest- D. Lee Buckingham II, Hamilton County Prosecutor