Support For Survivors

Support For Survivors

Sexual Assault Examinations

November 20, 2020


Shaunestte will be talking with Barbra Bachmeier, JD, MSN, APRN. Barbra is a nurse as well as an attorney. Her nursing practice is focused on in emergency and forensic care while her legal practice is centered on guardianship, Guardian Ad Litem work, personal injury, and domestic violence/sexual assault. Barbra is also a retired U.S. Army National Guard Lieutenant Colonel.

This interview will be focused on the medical examination that takes place when a person who has been sexually assaulted arrives at a medical facility. Shaunestte and Barbra will discuss the purpose of the exam as well as general procedures that sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) follow to gather evidence that will assist law enforcement as well as provide after-care resources for the patient.


Host- Shaunestte Terrell


Guest- Barbra Bachmeier