The Minority Podcast

The Minority Podcast

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The GoofNut Podcast Episode 2: SPECIAL GUEST JOINS THE FIGHT
September 28, 2019

In this podcast, me and my guest talk about the revolutionary Raptors x Nike Collaboration, some of the Best Diss Tracks of all time, YouTube’s possibly Blatant self-destruction, Spider-Man, and Our favorite Animes.

The GoofNut Podcast: The Origin Story, NBA 2K20, Chicken Sandwich War, Double Standards Suck
September 13, 2019

In the first Episode, I, SuperTeo, talk about how this podcast came to be, NBA 2k20s Fuck ups, Popeyes and Chic Fil As Chicken Beef, and How Double Standards are garbage.

SuperTeo Talks: Episode 4 - Controversial Musicians and Big Names in Sports
February 22, 2019

I ramble on and on about Jussie Smollett and R. Kelly’s run-ins with the Law, Zion Williamson’s injury, and Lebron’s Biggest acting Gig to come.

SuperTeo Talks: Episode 3 - Alas Kingdom Hearts 3, YouTube’s fall, etc.
January 30, 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3 Released; YouTube is on the decline, McGregor fined/banned way less than Khabib for after-fight brawl, and an Actor on Empire gets jumped because he’s black and Homosexual.

SuperTeo Talks: Episode 2 - The World is Stupid
January 22, 2019

Chris Brown’s in trouble over some bs again, Black Panther = Black Excellence, Transgenders should fight if they want to, ASMR Channels are YouTube’s Brain Tumor.

SuperTeo Talks: Episode 1 - “Introduction to The Madness”
January 17, 2019

To kick off this series, I ramble on and on about who I am, how this podcast got started, and etc.