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Smash or Dash: Sylux vs. Slippy & Doomguy vs. Master Chief (feat. Twilix)
February 13, 2021

It's sci-fi week at the Super Cast Bros. table, and Zantok's brother Twilix joins the equation to decide between Sylux & Slippy, and Doomguy & Master Chief!

Smashtopia: Marshal
January 30, 2021

Jonno and Zantok step to the beat towards Rhythm Heaven with their very own Marshal moveset!

On Topic: Sephiroth Descends on Smash!
January 16, 2021

Jonno and Zantok react to the mind-breaking inclusion of Sephiroth in Smash! As the One-Winged Angel falls into the fray, the guys react to his playstyle, his iconic reveal, and what it means for the future of Super Smash Bros. at large.

Smash or Dash: Lusamine vs. Medusa & Lich King vs. Pyramid Head
January 14, 2021

It's a double battle of villains as Zantok and Jonno pit Lusamine and Medusa against one another, followed by WoW's Lich King and Silent Hill's iconic Pyramid Head! Stay tuned for a tiebreaker and vote for your favorite!

Smashtopia: Orbulon (feat. Turbotaxer)
December 19, 2020

Things get space-tacular when Trevor (turbotaxer) regroups with Zantok and Jonno for yet another Smashtopia! This time, the inimitable trio workshop a moveset for none other than the pinball-headed, pig-loving alien, Orbulon!

On Topic: Amiibos in Smash (feat. Flamezone)
December 09, 2020

Eric (Flamezone) returns to Super Cast Bros. for some loose conversatin' with Zantok and Jonno on amiibos, particularly in how they operate in Smash and hopes for the future.

Smash or Dash: Kellyjelly Battle Royale!
November 11, 2020

Kellyjelly returns for another Smash or Dash. This time, Zantok and Jonno join him to deliberate over a quartet of four characters that he has submitted to the Smashtopia Wiki: Metal Slug, Chell, Phantom R, and Travis Touchdown! Which two will achieve glo

Smashtopia: Midna
November 07, 2020

Zantok and Jonno visit their moveset workshop to take on Twilight Princess' titular imp, Midna, in their first character Smashtopia of the year!

On Topic: Mining, Crafting, & Smashing
October 24, 2020

Steve & Alex have dug their way into the fray! Zantok and Jonno share their thoughts on Minecraft breaking into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in this latest On Topic. They also share musings on the Fighters Pass as a whole, including fresh predictions on who

Smash or Dash: Great Tiger vs. Bald Bull & Funky Kong vs. Chunky Kong
October 18, 2020

It's an attack of the clones as Zantok and Jonno decide between two sets of characters! Should Funky or Chunky echo DK in the Smashscape? Is it Great Tiger or Bald Bull who will win this title match? Find out in this iteration of Smash or Dash!