Summit in Six

Summit in Six

March 31, 2023 – Flood Season, Our Summit, Community Planning Lab Presentations & Energy Burden Survey

March 31, 2023

Today, we cover…

  • Important information related to flooding season
  • Our Summit mini-questionnaire
  • Community Planning Lab final project presentations
  • Energy Burden Survey


We’ve seen a record breaking snow pack this winter. Now, as a skier that makes me happy, but also with all that snow, I know the possibility of flooding from spring runoff becomes very real. 

In response, the Summit County Communications and Public Engagement Team has put together a useful tool for our residents to refer to for important flooding safety information and resources.  

Please visit to learn about:

  • How to sign up for emergency and non-emergency alerts from the county related to flooding. 
  • Where to access sandbags throughout the county and who to contact for more in case of an emergency. 
  • Other flood-related information, including: info on flood insurance, how to determine if your house falls in the floodplain, do’s and don’ts of flooding season, and so much more. 

This page will continue to be updated throughout the flooding season, so make sure you have it bookmarked Summit County! Again, it can be found at

 Our Summit 

Don’t forget to check your mail! Our Summit, the county’s community visioning process, has sent you a mini questionnaire that gets to the root of what YOU love about living in Summit County! 

You still have time to return the questionnaire by mail with the enclosed return envelope OR drop it off at your local ballot box. 

This is your opportunity to shape the community vision for the future. Don’t miss out! 

To learn more, or to take the survey online, please visit

Community Planning Lab

The 2023 Community Planning Lab participants, some of your friends and neighbors, have spent 10 weeks learning about planning in Summit County and designing a project to benefit our community!

They will be showcasing their final presentations to the Summit County community on Monday, April 3 at the Kamas Valley Branch of the Summit County Library (110 N. Main Street, Kamas).

All are welcome! Please join us anytime between 6-8 PM.

Energy Burden Survey 

And, finally, Summit County and Park City are concerned about the energy burden of households with lower incomes in our community. Energy burden is the proportion of residents’ income that goes toward paying for heat and electricity in their home. 

We are seeking input regarding ways that local governments can help decrease utility bills and increase the level of comfort in the homes of our residents through a survey studying residents’ energy burden.

Please visit: