Summit For Wellness Podcast

Summit For Wellness Podcast

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165- Using Your Genetic Blueprint To Optimize Health with Teri Cochrane
November 18, 2021

Teri Cochrane teaches how to use genes to create an optimal health plan.

164- How to Stay Off the Cardiologist’s Operating Table with Dr. Philip Ovadia
November 11, 2021

Dr. Philip Ovadia teaches us how to stay off the cardiologist's operating table.

163- Microdosing Plant Medicine: Safety and Legalities with Kayse Gehret
November 04, 2021

Kayse Gehret teaches us the legalities around microdosing plant medicines.

162- Regenerative Medicine for Skin and Sexual Health with Dr. Amy Killen
October 28, 2021

Dr. Amy Killen shares ways regenerative medicine is changing skin and sexual health.

161- Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Environmental Toxins with Beth O’Hara
October 21, 2021

Beth O'Hara teaches us about Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and how environmental toxins can aggravate it.

160- Helping Type-A Personalities Manage Stress and Health with Christian Elliot
October 14, 2021

Christian Elliot teaches how to manage stress in a fast paced lifestyle.

159- Peptide Therapy and How to Use it For Recovery and Performance with Dr. Amber Krogsrud
October 07, 2021

Dr. Amber Krogsrud teaches how to use Peptide Therapy for health purposes.

158- How to Protect Your Eyes From Screens with Dhruvin Patel
September 30, 2021

Optometrist Dhruvin Patel teaches us how to keep our eyes healthy after staring at screens all day long.

157- GMO Microbes and Potential Planetary Issues w Jeffrey Smith
September 23, 2021

Jeffrey Smith teaches us about the potential dangers of GMO Microbes.

156- Recover From Addiction and Optimize Your Life with Dennis Berry
September 16, 2021

Dennis Berry teaches us ways to recover from addiction successfully.