Sugar Free Coffee with Layla

Sugar Free Coffee with Layla

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Ep. 6 - Molly McCann: Making History
July 28, 2019

UFC fighter Meatball Molly McCann made history when she became the first female English fighter to win in the UFC, but her journey wasn't a simple one, after being defeated by rear naked choke on her debut in front of her home fans in Liverpool Layla asks

Ep. 5 - Commando Mindset & Elite Thinking w/ Ben Williams
June 04, 2019

Former Commando and current elite educator Ben Williams speaks to Layla about his time training the England Football squad pre-Russia World Cup, how he dealt with emotions on tour of Afghanistan and how YOU can adopt the same winning mentality even around

Ep. 4 - Tubes: Soccer AM, Alcohol & Me
April 23, 2019

He started out his career in nothing but a nappy live on national television and through a series of bizarre yet hilarious interviews Tubes won the heart of the nation. Underneath the confident exterior was an introvert who never aimed for a career in the

Ep. 3 - Weight Cuts, Cancer & Friends
March 14, 2019

Darren Till’s weight cut specialist Eoghan Gallagher tells us how he became ‘Chefski’, how he manages elite fighters diets, his overriding thoughts on major weight cuts and how he deals with the darkest times in his life.  MMA fighter Dylan Eva

Ep. 2 - Darren Till: Confidence & Fear
March 04, 2019

Layla Anna-Lee joins UFC fighter Darren Till to break down the truth behind his infamous confidence and how he deals with fear.  The Liverpudlian tells us how he reckons he could get to lightweight, why he hasn’t been thinking about his upcoming oppo

Ep. 1 - Al Iaquinta
January 16, 2019

UFC number 4 ranked fighter Al Iaquinta tells Layla Anna-Lee that a Conor McGregor fight would be tremendous for my career and believes he would absolutely win BUT explains why hed rather to fight Khabib over McGregor.