Suffering in Silence

Suffering in Silence

Latest Episodes

The End of the IVF cycle
September 19, 2020

This episode gives light to the hiatus and events that led up to a scary and defining moment during the last embryo transfer cycle.

Continuing the Journey
August 23, 2020

A brief summary of the things to come. I plan to pick up where we left off and go full out with sharing my experience after the embryo transfer. Stay tuned!

The end of the Journey-Cycle #4
March 26, 2019

This episode gives insight to the end of my 4th IVF cycle. I talk about my embryo transfer and the lessons encountered during this last cycle. I also talk about the physical and mental struggles I find myself going through.

The Middle Journey Part2
March 10, 2019

This episode uncovers the process of having 2 embryos transferred. The partnership in this journey and speaking up for what was necessary despite the doctor’s opinion.

The Middle Journey. Cycle #2
February 22, 2019

This episode uncovers the next steps in the IVF journey after the first cycle has been deemed unsuccessful. The steps, questions, and process of learning to balance not just IVF cycles, but everyday life and challenges faced.

The Beginning Part2
February 10, 2019

In this episode my partner speaks in his point of view and perspective of our first IVF cycle. Sharing his thought and feelings on what he faced mentally and emotionally.

The Beginning Part1
February 01, 2019

In this episode I open up to speak on the beginning process of IVF. Giving insight to the emotional, physical, and mental effects.

Introduction to the Journey
January 24, 2019

Introduction to the Journey briefly touches on an interesting topic of discussion. A topic not often discussed in detail due to the emotional, physical, and mental drain that it causes. The topic of IVF. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor