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Boom Tomb Ep. 11
June 28, 2023

What it do gym shoe? lol We missed ya'll last week. Hectic schedules but we get together because we're like voltron. We talk the move to do for wings, get to talking about adam sandler movies and more. Whats good is good and we here. peace.

Boom Tomb Ep. 10
June 09, 2023

What's going down? Episode 10 and Lucky and J Good ask Los what shows he was into as a kid. Also, what do you guys use vapor rub for? Lucky tells you how he uses it. The crew get together and sit down to talk about the important stuff. We got one for

Boom Tomb Ep. 9
May 28, 2023

What's good? We got all tree of us in the building! We're talking about the movies, food trucks, and where we go by ourselves. Do you think apple pies from mcdonalds smack still? Some of us don't seem to think so lol. Deacon Bar drops bombs on

Bomb Tomb Ep. 8
May 14, 2023

What's going down? This week's episode we sit, chop it up and get to it. We talk about movies coming out, being in the trenches at war, news reports on the workplace, and why J Good doesn't have a food spot 8 episodes in. Naw for real 8 episodes in and br

Boom Tomb Ep. 7
May 08, 2023

We're back with an episode for this week! After a well-deserved day off last week we got together again like voltron and started politicin'. We talk about the saturated state of the game today, glizzy restaurants, and a debate on how to pronounce "gyro".

Boom Tomb Ep. 6
April 23, 2023

We know you got memories of blacking out. This episode we talk about the times we blacked out and why we pulled back on drinking. J Good talks about what he does at the gym and asks Los what do he be eatin' lol ? We know you guys saw the Dilla doc on hulu

Boom Tomb Ep. 4
April 09, 2023

Hello, we are here dropping episode 4! This episode we talk about our top 5 producers not only in hip hop but other genres too. We get into the topic of why we don't have a bigger scene of "chica rap" and our awkward culture of "yes" mans and catering to

Boom Tomb ep. 3
April 02, 2023

What it do? We are back and official. You will find out how much we watch the news lol. We get into debates over shower habits and what past experiences ruined Los with a wash cloth. Lucky gets in the kitchen and lets ya'll know whatever comes out that ki

Boom Tomb Ep. 2
March 26, 2023

Episode 2. Lucky, Jay Good, and Los get back in the Boom Tmb and talk about live shows, restaurants and give Los shit for using a different search engine. Los updates Jay on north avenues restaurants. Lucky gets geared up for the Future concert. We got a

Boom Tomb Ep. 1
March 19, 2023

What it is and what it do? We are here our very first episode. We talk about high school and what the culture was about then. Also, what were we watching growing up? We take dives have takes on real life all while trying not to sound dumb. Come join Luck