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Identifying and breaking limiting beliefs Ep 2
March 17, 2024

I am so excited to be sharing this with you because in this episode 2 of "Identifying and Breaking Limiting Beliefs," we uncover the root causes of those self-doubts holding you back. But this podcast goes beyond diagnosis! We provide actionable strategie

Identifying and breaking limiting beliefs Ep 1
February 19, 2024

Years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey filled with life-altering encounters. Raised by my African father, my childhood was a blend of affection and toxicity. His habit of hurling derogatory remarks at me for every mistake ingrained a sense of i

Creating the change you want to see
May 27, 2023

For many people in life, the only reason they have chosen to remain where they are is because they are scared to face all that comes with change, but life doesn't have to be that way , only a few actually damn the consequences to create the life that they

Don't Give Up - Not all Heroes wear Cape
April 04, 2023

It's indeed true that not all Heroes wear Cape, not everyone is like Supergirl, Superman or Mon-El, yet we all are saving the world in our own unique ways. In the world of troubles, there is also Alex Danvers, James Olsen, Nia Nal, J'onn J'onzz and Lena L

Stop blaming yourself for where you are...
March 15, 2023

Many people blame themselves for where they are in their life, who they marry or got married to, why they end up studying a course and so on, but the reality I have shared in thus podcast is that you are where you need to be at this time of your life. All

Protecting your Mind Health in Festive Seasons
December 22, 2022

One important thing you must pay attention to especially in festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, etc is your Mind Health. As exciting as the season can be, it can also damaging if proper care guide is not put in place. Enjoy this podcast with family

Forgiveness Series #1
October 31, 2022

Humans are prone to being brokenhearted, but in this episode, I spoke about forgiveness passionately and why we need to practice forgiveness to go through life. Unforgiveness affects us in a lot of ways and in this podcast, I shared how to go about that.

Power of Your Thoughts
July 24, 2022

If I am to reduce you to one thing, I would reduce you to your thoughts. You are a product of your thoughts. I believe no man or woman can actually rise above their thoughts. Listen to this podcast and learn about how you can use your thoughts to effect p

My Affirmations
July 01, 2022

Affirmations are creative forces that shapes the human mind in the desired direction. We all have that power. With these daily affirmations, you can start charting a new path for your life and career. Listen and listen again until it registers in your sub

Taking Control of Your Happiness
May 31, 2022

It is quite true that many people just go through the motions of life trying to get things done, but are never happy. To achieve more in life intrinsically which then overflows to the outer things you place value on, you need to get your happiness tank fi