Success and Inner Growth

Success and Inner Growth

Movement and Action

November 04, 2021

Action is more than mere movement. If we stop moving, we lose our balance. But if we want to take control of our life and become successful, we must direct and control our movement. This is the meaning of action.

Episode 24 of Success and Inner Growth provides offers to you guidance about transforming our movement into focused action. Especially, you will learn ho to device a plan and use it to direct and control your movement and focus your energy.

I suggest, that you listen to the complete episode, it takes less than 10 minutes. But in case you want to navigate to this or that part of the podcast, I added athis table of content. Clicking on an entry leads you straight to the related section of the podcast.

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Movement and Action (0:40)
  • Action is more than Movement/skipto] (1:25)
  • [skipto time="2:31"]You need a plan (2:31)
  • How to build a plan (3:07)
  • The starting point (3:42)
  • The goal (4:25)
  • Barriers and hurdles as milestones(5:24)
  • The steps(6:07)
  • The plan is essential for transforming movement into action (8:06)
  • Episode 24 (9:07)


In case you prefer the written word, you van find the transcript of this episode here, and the transcripts of all episodes of Success and Inner Growth here.

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