MAX ORDINATE • The Precision Rifle Podcast

MAX ORDINATE • The Precision Rifle Podcast

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Speed vs. Precision: Rapid Engagement Techniques
May 01, 2024

This episode discusses the relationship between Speed, Precision, and Accuracy. There is no replacement for skill, practice, efficiency BUT.... there are techniques that can add speed while maintaining precision. And so we discuss RETICLE HOLDOVERS • MAX

Are Americans training CHINA?
April 04, 2024

Tyler in the absence of Jeph, hits a few daily news points... P. Diddy, the Moons Time Zone?... Load Testing article... then brings it with a discussion around an article from where "Chris Zhang", a Chinese national who atten

Answer the QUESTION!
March 21, 2024

This episode of the Precision Rifle Podcast, Tyler and Jeph take turns asking each other questions or random nature! Guns. Cars. Sex. Food. And more. This was a fun episode for us to record and we're looking forward to continuing this line of questioning

Appropriate LEARNING OBJECTIVES & developmental processes
March 03, 2024

Whether youre planning a training course to teach for your company, your friends, or planning out weekly, monthly training for yourself, establishing learning objectives will allow you to tailor your program to fit your needs or the needs of those you are

Poor Recoil Management & its crazy effects on precision
February 25, 2024

Its been said do practice till you get it right, practice till you cant get it wrong! For this episode Tyler & Jeph discuss "What is the Muscle Relaxation fundamental?" Do you know the answer? Is it lack of all muscular tension or only muscles that ef

The Incident: at PR 1 course
February 18, 2024

Through failure, we learn! Tyler talks about a particular student at PR1 having a rough time in the wind on Day 3. Success in the moment may make you happy, but the failures are what make us grow, and nothing was different for this shooter! Sometimes, les

Jeph's Men's Health Edition
February 15, 2024

Near and dear to Jeph's heart is his journey to better living. Years of hard labor, Police work, Car fab, takes its toll. Enter Stem cells, TRT regimen, and Physical therapy that has taken Jeph from feeling 55 as a 47yr old man to a revived and rejuvenate

The truth about Bone Support & Natural Point of Aim - s6 ep 2 Max Ordinate Academy
February 14, 2024

You hear it talked about. Instructors, Teachers, Trainers, whatever you want to call them. Regardless, Bone support and Natural point of aim are staples of marksmanship fundamentals. Yet why cant it be described in simple terms? Why arent you being taught

New Year Resolution Garbage
January 17, 2024

Every year. That new year rolls around. Its getting close. Motivations start to rise. Changing your life. Doing things different. Im going to do this. Im going to do that. You set goals. And for a few days, maybe possibly a few weeks, youre on this path.

Benefits of private training
December 29, 2023

Tyler and Jeph bring on a guest, Lauren, who spent the past year training Tyler remotely to prepare him physically for the Sniper Adventure Challenge to a level beyond what he could have accomplished on his own. From adjusting workouts, tracking muscle fa