Strength In Business

Strength In Business

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FAAMG Advertising: Being at the Mercy of Gatekeepers
April 20, 2021

FAAMG advertising has made big tech a boatload of money in the past decade. First they lured in the innocent by promoting their platforms and apps for free followed by a more or less well crafted bouquet of intrusive ads that made the heads of even the...

Deploy Critical Thinking While Navigating Through Uncertainty
March 18, 2021

Critical thinking is undesirable yet extremely important nowadays! The last thing we need is a herd mentality. That’s not freedom, never was and never will be irrespective of the mainstream narrative – which by the way is becoming increasingly authorit...

Experimenting with Alternative Marketing Platforms
February 11, 2021

As traditional marketing channels have become increasingly centralized, the urge to look for alternative marketing platforms has led to a bouquet of new networks competing for users and their precious time AKA attention.

The Power of Decentralized Marketing
January 14, 2021

Gone are the days of critical thinking and freedom of speech. Those who don’t comply with the mainstream narrative are de-monetized, de-platformed and often labeled mentally ill. It’s time to leave the centralized marketing land of Facebook, Twitter,

Where to Go When Centralized Social Media Kicks You Off Their Platform
December 17, 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to imagine you not being exposed, directly or indirectly, to the shenanigans that are currently going on across all the major centralized social media networks. What are the alternatives?

Why Going Back to the Carrot Factory is Not an Option
November 17, 2020

Fear, acquiescence, greed and shame are all vital elements of the program. Love, creativity, caring and empathy on the other hand are clear signs of you attempting to leave the all encompassing cube thus enabling you to take a sneak peek into the contr...

Why You Need to Make Uncertainty Your Best Friend
October 15, 2020

Uncertainty … If you’re afraid of it, it will numb you. If you’re running away from it, it will hunt you down. Learning to become familiar with the unknown is one of the most precious lessons that you can take away from life.

Marketing Beyond the Age of Data Monarchy Emperors
September 17, 2020

What’s the world’s most valuable resource? Imagine a handful of companies sending out free invites to their parties and billions flocking to these virtual laboratories where they can entertain their fantasies, express their deepest fears,

Are You Paying Attention to Your Sidewalk?
August 11, 2020

Ready to pay a little more attention to your sidewalk? We live in challenging times and a lot of people are falling victim to mental health disorders and diseases. Psychiatrists are booked for months and years ahead while seemingly more and more people...

Humans or Machines: Whom Do You Create Your Content For?
July 23, 2020

What once started out as a seemingly smooth and innocent journey is slowly but surely turning into a nightmare for many content creators. Censorship, centralization, control – are we really heading into the right direction?