Strength To Be Human --Global Arts & Affairs Podcast, Hosted by Mark Antony Rossi

Strength To Be Human --Global Arts & Affairs Podcast, Hosted by Mark Antony Rossi

Latest Episodes

S5 E255 Strength To Be Human -- Interview With Elizabeth Mathiasen
January 16, 2023

Wide ranging interview with California scientist, writer and musician, Elizabeth Mathiasen

S4 E254 -- Strength To Be Human --Interview with Bruno Rescigna
December 30, 2022

A weighty, revelatory interview/discussion with Brooklyn-born writer, poet, playwright Bruno Rescigna.

S4 E253 --Strength To Be Human -- What is a Writer
December 28, 2022

topics include:the artistthe state of mindvision questwhat the world sees

S4 E252 --Strength To Be Human -- Interview W/Monique Berry
November 02, 2022

We interview Canadian magazine publisher (Halcyon Days), editor, and writer Monique Berry,

S4 E251 -- Strength To Be Human -- Stupid Terms for Stupid Times
October 15, 2022

Again we produced a show detailing the most recent dark uses of language to hurt, deceive or destroy people.* suboptimal judgment* birthing person* chest feeding* non birthing parent* human mil

S4 E250-- Strength To Be Human --Interview With Bruce Levine
October 08, 2022

A detailed interview with poet, composer and drama director Bruce Levine.

S4 E249 -- Strength To Be Human -- Sacred Art or Propaganda
October 06, 2022

Is religious art -- sacred art?Are artists who exclusively create religious work -- sacred artists?Is sacred art really a version of propaganda?This and many questions about the nature of art, hu

S4 E248 Strength To Be Human-- interview With SG Ellerhoff
October 04, 2022

Stimulating conversation with author and academic SG Ellerhoff.

Episode 248: Strength To Be Human --Interview With SG Ellerhoff
October 04, 2022

Stimulating interview with fiction writer and academic SG Ellerhoff.

S4 E247 Strength To Be Human -- Global Mail Bag 3
August 27, 2022

Another episode to share email comments about past shows and answer questions about getting a literary agent.