Strength To Be Human --Global Arts & Affairs Podcast, Hosted by Mark Antony Rossi

Strength To Be Human --Global Arts & Affairs Podcast, Hosted by Mark Antony Rossi

Latest Episodes

S3 E227: Strength To Be Human -- Interview With Jennifer Brewer
October 04, 2021

Another wonderful interview segment. This time we have Pushcard Prize Fiction 2021 nominated writer Jennifer Brewer.

S3 E226: Mindspeak --Puerto Rico
October 02, 2021

My personal story about Puerto Rico in my life.

S3 E225: Mindspeak -- History of Pandemics
September 24, 2021

On this episode we attempt to give a broader historic view of pandemics throughout the ages.  Pro-facts. No politics. Just history and common sense.

S3 E224: Strength To Be Human -- Interview With Alexandra Goodwin
September 17, 2021

Alexandra Goodwin is a novelist and poet who formerly lived in Argentina before prejudice and political upheaval made it necessary to emigrate to America. Her story of life, literature, and courage is

S3 E223: Mindspeak -- RoboWars -- Send in the Drones
September 15, 2021

An introduction to the history, usage, and philosophy of UAV's, unmanned aerial vehicles -- drones.

S3 E222: Mindspeak --- Global Mail Bag
September 08, 2021

First mail show focusing on the Mindspeak episodes   Afghanistan Taiwan India Anti Semitism The Italian Character in American Cinema

S3 E221: Classic Spotlight Series -- Thoughts on C.S. Lewis
September 04, 2021

Tonight we examine fantasy writer / Christian populizer / Irish gentleman, C.S. Lewis   Beginnings Space Trilogy WW 1 Family Pact Chronicles of Narnia WW 2 -- Broadcasts Mere Christianity Surprised by

S3 E220: Mindspeak: The Global Power That is India
September 01, 2021

This episode delves into the modern reality of India as as global power in democracy, cultural diversity and bulwark against Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

S3 E219: Strength To Be Human -- The Italian Character in American Cinema
August 28, 2021

A brief overview of good and bad messages sent by Italian characters in American cinema. In this episode they talk about: stereotypes mobsters boxers Jake LaMotta Rocky Robert De Niro The God Father G

S3 E218: Mindspeak ---- The Rise of Antisemitism
August 25, 2021

In this global Mindspeak episode we will bring to light the serious increase in antisemitism in the world:   United States France Belgium Hungary Poland Canada