Strategic Execution

Strategic Execution

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IT Clean Teams
September 04, 2018

How can companies and investors remove IT uncertainty during the M&A process?

Strategic Outthinking
August 07, 2018

Expert Insights – An Outthinker’s Perspectives on Disruptive Strategies and Execution

A Cyber Guru's Lesson for Protecting Integrations
June 19, 2018

How can the integrating company best protect itself from cyber threats against its assets?

Anticipatory Communications
June 03, 2018

Improving communications between the board and the senior executive requires a forward-looking mindset and tools

Mergers & Functional Integration
May 10, 2018

In a period of employee trepidation, how do you achieve progress while minimizing personnel replacement, elimination, or defection?

Mergers & CEOs
April 11, 2018

Does the CEO Have What It Takes to Embrace Change?