Strangers and Aliens: Science Fiction & Fantasy from a Christian Perspective

Strangers and Aliens: Science Fiction & Fantasy from a Christian Perspective

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Disney’s 2020 Corporate Announcements – SA353
December 11, 2020

Just before we started recording about another topic, we became aware of some HUGE announcements Disney had made about upcoming Disney Plus series and also some movies and some interesting Hulu series. So we called an audible and switched our plans .

THE THING (from Another World) Franchise – SA352
October 28, 2020

Ben is joined by John Hart for their semi-annual Halloween exploration of some classic horror movies! This time: THE THING. Starting with THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD and then going into the remake THE THING from 1982 (the most famous in the franchise)...

TOP FIVE THEME SONGS (from Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Shows’ Opening Credits with Lyrics that Are in English) OF ALL TIME – SA351
October 13, 2020

A good theme song may not save a TV show from being bad, but it definitely makes it more memorable. For this episode, we nominate our favorite themes songs and bring in some listener nominations, and we tally the votes to come up with the official Stra...

September 29, 2020

Ben and Evan ventured to the theaters to see Tenet, the movie they THOUGHT would be the first movie back in theaters. Instead, Ben had already seen a few movies and Evan went to a movie theater on the east coast . . . so Tenet was not the road …

BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC: Ben’s Road Trip Trilogy Part Two – SA349
September 11, 2020

Ben heads out on what could be an excellent adventure . . . or a bonus journey. This road trip has almost as many twists and turns as the movie he’s seeing, from the question of if he will even GET to the movie to the possibility of not seeing …

NEW MUTANTS: Ben’s Road Trip Trilogy Part Two – SA348
September 08, 2020

Ben heads out to the first new release movie he’s seen in theaters since the beginning of the shut down for the pandemic. After seeing The Empire Strikes Back (and The Greatest Showman), he gets to see a new movie that has been waiting for release for ...

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Ben’s Road Trip Trilogy Part One – SA347
September 03, 2020

Ben heads out to his first movie in theaters since the beginning of the shut down for the pandemic. It’s a different experience, with the masks requirements and the like, but it’s also a familiar experience, being a movie he’s seen many, many times .

Stuff We Consumed During the Pandemic – SA346
August 27, 2020

For some, the pandemic has given the opportunity to read and watch more things than usual. In this episode, we discuss some of the new (to us) media we have read, watched, and listened to.

EARTH ABIDES by Escape! (OTR) – SA345
July 27, 2020

Strangers and Aliens returns to old time radio with this presentation of Earth Abides, a classic novel turned into a classic episode of the radio series Escape. This episode features an Old Time Radio show that adapts a classic novel, Earth Abides.

July 18, 2020

Ben and Steve explore Mars via C.S. Lewis’ science fiction novel, the first book in his celebrated “Space Trilogy”, Out of the Silent Planet. Published in 1938, Out of the Silent Planet is the story of a man, Ransom,