Beverley Theresa

Beverley Theresa

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The Broker: Kung fu, being your own boss, love & more
September 30, 2019

Sunny is a young, accomplished mortgage broker and a really friendly, overall nice guy! It was fun getting to know him better and to know the 411 on his love life and where he got started running his own business.  Connect with Sunny online at: mortg

The Unexpected: A dairy farmer's daughter, working in agriculture and politics
August 20, 2019

In this episode I chat with Christina. She shares her story as a dairy farmer's daughter, working in agriculture and politics, how farmers are embracing new technologies and much more.

Tinder for 50+ year olds, hookups, workplace PTSD & the OG internet
July 01, 2019

I had a lot of fun recording this episode with Gary! I got the juicy details on what using Tinder is like for those 50+, what it's like going on 300 dates in 20 months, suffering from workplace PTSD and what the internet was like in 2001.

The Friend: Car accident, social anxiety, growing as a person Part 2/2
June 18, 2019

Here's the final episode of the 2 part series. Make sure you listen to the last episode (ep 9) to get the full story! In this episode we talk about a car wreck she was involved in, how it affected her life and how she's moving forward and we chat social a

The Friend: Escorting, drug addiction, being homeless Part 1/2
May 06, 2019

This episode is the first of two. In the first episode I chat with her about drug addiction, escorting, being homeless, breakups, and so much more. Content may not be for everybody. Please listen with care.

The Boss - Agency Director, Being an OG Influencer, Quitting Blogging
April 22, 2019

Janis Galloway, Agency Director of Publicity Room, was an influencer before the term was even invented. Her public relations agency with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands who want to do good in the world. We talk about why she took a step ba

The Super Fan: Henry Rollins, Online Dating, Moving to a Small Town & Intuition
April 08, 2019

I got to chat with the ever lovely Jen Rollins, yes, that is her REAL, legal last name! We talked about her name change, using online dating apps while having kids, moving to a small town from a big city and following your intuition.

The Imposter: Running an agency, taking breaks and breakups
March 25, 2019

I talk with Pay Per Click leader and owner of Ameet Khabra Marketing, Ameet Khabra. We chat about why she took a break from running her own agency, breakups and the difference between working at an agency vs working for yourself.

The Black Sheep: Changing careers and changing her life
March 11, 2019

Meet Karen! Like so many others, she changed careers (can relate!) and now helps business owners with their blogging strategies (not what she went to post-secondary for!).

The Motivator: Jet Setting Marketer, Vacuum Weirdo, Friends Are Friends
February 25, 2019

I get to chat 1:1 with Qyn, my Twitter nemesis but all around swell dude. We talked about working at an agency in Hong Kong, doing tons of research on a vacuum, friends are just friends and much more.