Strange Lunch

Strange Lunch

Latest Episodes

HighKing Meditation
June 29, 2020

Some thoughts yesterday’s Hike

Clicks, Swipes & Beyond
June 20, 2020

What’s the cost/benefit of clicks & swipes ?

Strange Lunch: Microphone or Voice
June 15, 2020

Are your consuming experiencing or creating reality?

Strange Lunch: CyberLoft Dreams & Consensus Reality
May 17, 2020

We talk Dreams and Much more

Strange Lunch: CyberLoft DejaVu
May 17, 2020

We talk DeJa Vu & more

Episode 2 Interlude
April 02, 2020

A quick Interlude from Quarantine

Strange Lunch: Shapri and the Ideal
September 28, 2019

Sit down with Shapri and talk all things

The Fast and Ghetto Episode
September 09, 2019

Serendipity, The algorithm, Money is ghetto, Fiat Currency and much more!

Strange Lunch: The Return & Body Horror
August 17, 2019

Body Horror Getting Hot and Cold

Strange Lunch: Yumsthatman Something to hold you down
July 21, 2019

We talk performance, books and upcoming album and more!