Strange Dayz Podcast's show

Strange Dayz Podcast's show

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Ep.17 King Iso!!!
June 02, 2019

Here it is Strangers our Biography episode on the one and only King Iso!!!! Please excuse the audio as it got cut off before we could properly end it but most of it is there.

Donni Promoni Rocklahoma Interview and Strange News!
June 02, 2019

We have Oaklahoma City Strange Music Street Team member Donni Promoni join us to talk about his expierence of that crazy ass Rocklahoma show as well as some Strange news for yall!!!

The Jones Interview!!!!!
May 20, 2019

Here it is Finally Strangers my interview with the one and only The Jones! we talk about his upbringings as well as his style in music and how he came on to strange!

Strange News 5-19-19
May 20, 2019

This episode was so long we had to split it into 2 for yall. We get into the weekly news plus my reviews and stories from my weekend in Denver!!!!!

Strange Dayz Ep.15- Strange Dayz Radio 2
May 12, 2019

Episode 15 and we give yall some current news right off the bat and then we play some absolute bangers for yall.

The Career of Tech N9ne (Pt.1)
January 30, 2019

Episode 2! In this episode we go through the early life and time of the one and only Tech n9ne! we read your stories and more!!!!!!

The Inception of Strange!!!!
January 26, 2019

Welcome y'all this is the first episode of Strange Dayz!!!! In this episode we just give yall a introduction into who we are and talk about the inception of Strange!!!!!!