Storyteller Conclave

Storyteller Conclave

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Storyteller Burnout
April 07, 2021

We all have times when we are not at our best. We finish a session, perhaps even on a good note, but days later just lose the drive to schedule the next. Or we approach the date for our next session and just don’t have the energy or state of mind to pu...

Digital Gaming : What we’ve learned
March 31, 2021

To celebrate our 100th episode, Sara & Rob take a retrospective look at the last year of COVID lockdown, and what it has taught us about gaming in the digital age using online tools. Gaming online has been around for a while via services like Roll20,

Narrative flow
March 24, 2021

As storytellers we are presented with the task of designing a story that others will be helping write, where randomness and fate will come into play and alter the flow. The question is, how do you carve it up into sessions and episodes that your player...

Hunted by the Plot
March 17, 2021

Typically, the Player Characters drive the plots of our Tabletop RPGs forward. And they should! The story is ABOUT them and their adventures, after all! The world should react to them and their choices accordingly. However,

System Spotlight: Legend of the 5 Rings
March 10, 2021

Legend of the 5 Rings by @FFGames has a long and storied past in the #TTRPG world. Starting in 1995 with both RPG and card game, it brings us to the world of Rokugan, a fantasy analogue to feudal Japan. Join Rob & Sara as we explore this complex game i...

Dark Fantasy
March 03, 2021

Storytelling is a tool as old as society itself, and has been used to convey all fashions of emotions, ideas, and lessons. For as long as we have been using stories to uplift, though, we have also told darker tales - of caution, of horror,

Micromanagement of Resources
February 24, 2021

Fantasy stories often ignore the small details. Does the archer run out of arrows? Does the fighter have to repair his armor after the 30th fight? And how big is the bag of ammo the twin submachine gun toting Troll is carrying?

“Give them a Nuke,” a Discussion on Power and Consequences
February 17, 2021

A shiny red button of ultimate destruction seems like a terrible idea, but is it? In this episode of StC, Sara and Rob explore what it means to give your players a single use item, something ultimately powerful but only once,

System Spotlight : Robotech
February 10, 2021

Giant Robots, a cloned alien race, ancient powerful masters of the universe, and a young pop star? Yes, all of this is part of a fantastic world of Robotech. This week Rob and Sara will be dusting off the epic space opera that is Robotech and discussin...

What We Can Learn from Video Games
February 03, 2021

Many video games share the title of RPG with their tabletop / pen & paper counterparts. However, video games and TTRPGs differ in significant ways. What can we learn from our digital cousins, though? This week,