Stop and Think About It

Stop and Think About It

#34 What is reformed Theology Part 3

June 21, 2021

The Stop and Think crew,  with guest (Anthony Uvenio from Reformed Rookie), Continues their discussion on reformed Theology focusing on the Perspicuity (Clarity) of scripture (Part 3).

Show Notes

0:00         Opening

1:49         Introduction of Anthony Uvenio (Reformed Rookie Podcast)

6:55         What is Perspicuity?

9:50         Diet of Worms - Scripture alone

18:14       Chicago Statement Affirmed

29:14       The Bible is not a science book?

36:20       Sola Scriptura and Mary

46:10       Online Services: Real Fellowship?

51:05       Beware the philosophies of men

53:00       Evidential Apologists vs presuppositions

56:45       How do we apply Scripture alone for my actual worship experience

1:11:07       Conclusion

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