Stop and Think About It

Stop and Think About It

26 Christians and Voting Part 2

October 24, 2020

The Stop and Think crew and Guest: Dillon discuss the criteria Christians should use to vote: Focusing on the minor and major issues we should focus on. (Part 2 of 2)

Show Notes
0:00 Opening
2:20 Vice president Debate thoughts
8:30 Dillon's conversion and bio
12:30 Danger of Political Echo Chamber?
17:50 Dillon's Top political vote issues
20:00 One issue voter?
23:00 Biblical purpose of Government
28:20 Importance of local Government
33:30 Importance of Census
40:50 Electoral college vs popular vote
50:50 Liberal professors and cancel culture
1:00:50 Voting and God’s Sovereignty
1:05:00 Conclusion

Resources mentioned by Dillon:  - Gives Voting updates
Check out to view what Ballot will look like on election day.


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