Stop Running From This: A Ghost Adventures Review Podcast

Stop Running From This: A Ghost Adventures Review Podcast

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Episode 23: Clovis Wolfe Manor
June 28, 2020

Hello again! We’re in the middle of a pandemic and things are crazy, but not nearly as crazy as our favorite ghost hunting team’s adventures. This week Sam and Kim cringe their way through Season 3’s final episode, Clovis Wolfe Manor.

Episode 22: Prospect Place
March 23, 2020

In this episode the Zak, Nick, and Aaron investigate the historic Prospect Place Mansion in Ohio. The mansion holds an illustrious past as the former home of railroad businessman and former Ohio State Assembly member George Adams and a stop on the Unde...

Episode 21: Execution Rocks
March 06, 2020

The Ghost Adventures Crew head to Kim and Sam’s hometown and we are so excited! Or, we were, until we actually watched the episode. Kim and Sam may be dissappointed by how Zak covers their local haunts, but with the help of some wine, they persevere!

An announcement!
March 06, 2020

Hey all! Sam and Kim are back from hiatus and have some quick housekeeping announcements before we dive into some new episodes.

Episode 20: Linda Vista
December 10, 2019

Sam and Kim are not prepared for what happens when Zak and crew experience their first hospital investigation at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Our valiant hosts ponder why Zak has to stick his hand in everything,

Episode 19: Remington Arms
November 27, 2019

This week Kim and Sam are entertained (for real) by the unnecessary mortal danger Zak and crew put themselves in while exploring the Remington Arms munitions factory in Bridgeport, CT. Join our favorite podcast hosts as they discuss high school reunion...

Episode 18: Ohio Reformatory
October 11, 2019

The girls are back this week with all new episode of Zak showing his… um… “power.” The GAC crew visits the Ohio State Reformatory, a now closed prison with a chilling past. Kim and Sam relate strongly to the group of ghosts here who honestly just want ...

Episode 17: Poveglia
September 19, 2019

The Ghost Adventures Crew head to Italy to go explore the famously haunted island of Poveglia in Venice, Italy. That’s right folks, it’s Kim’s turn to cry over Zak butchering her ancestral tongue. We also have two special guests: Sam’s sibling Erin and...

Episode 16 Pennhurst State School
September 12, 2019

WARNING: This episode contains discussions of systematic abuse of the mentally ill. It’s time for Season 3 and holy shit it’s depressing. Sam and Kim therefore have a Very Special Episode about mental illness, abuse,

Episode 15: The Ancient Ram Inn
September 12, 2019

Hi all, did you miss us? Kim and Sam are back from summer hiatus and were celebrating with the Ghost Adventures Crew second international adventure to the Ram Inn in England. This episode is held de