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Wearing Every Uniform and Healing
June 15, 2023

Charlotte Ayers wore the uniforms of three different services during her 89 years, and recalls the challenges of her U.S. Marine Corps husbands emotional healing after he returned from Vietnam. The h

“Vet pilot runs and writes his way to ‘Shmo’s Big Stupid'”
June 02, 2023

Eric Chandler is the author of Kekekabic (Finishing Line Press, 2022) and Hugging This Rock (Middle West Press, 2017). His writing has appeared in Northern Wilds, Grey Sparrow Journal, The Talking Sti

The Music We Carried
May 26, 2023

Vietnam veteran Doug Bradley is an expert on the way music affects service personnel during their active duty tours, during their transitions to civilian life, and beyond. He and UW-Madison Professor

Finding Peace and Healing at The Highground
May 19, 2023

Chris Pettis is executive director of The Highground Veterans Memorial Park near Neillsville, WI. Chris discusses how veterans and their families stories of transition and healing at The Highground,

He Wanted to See What I Saw
May 12, 2023

Brian Jopek, reporter and news director at a newspaper in Minocqua, Wisconsin, is a veteran of the war in Iraq. His son, Ryan David Jopek, followed Brian into the Wisconsin National Guard and ultimate

Controlling Traffic on Land, Sea and Podcasts
May 05, 2023

Veteran Pam Graham of Osseo, Wisconsin, understands the importance of family in the world of military veterans. She also knows the importance of veterans military families, along with the need for in

“Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister”
April 14, 2023

Bonnie Pettis is the daughter of a Navy Vietnam Veteran, a Marine Veteran sister, wife (of 22 years), mother and mother-in-law. She served the family home-front with an infant and a toddler for 2 of t

April 08, 2023

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Overcoming Don’t Ask Don’t Tell “Serving In Silence”
August 26, 2022

Dawn Strobel grew up in Milwaukee and Cedarburg, WI. Her parents divorced when she was young. Dawns father is a Vietnam veteran who never spoke of his military experience and who Dawn did not have muc

Indomitable Spirit; The Joy of Rebuilding a Life’s Purpose!
August 12, 2022

Former Army medic Chris Swift has shared several podcasts with us. You will find his experiences leading up to this Friday August 12 episode on the podcast episode page of our webpage. Today we contin