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Intimacy With God Through the Conflicts of Life
June 01, 2024

There are great joys in conflicts because it is how we discover God as our Rock, our Refuge and our Shield! If we want to be found faithful we need to be ready for pressures that would tempt us to be

Living Your Best Life
April 12, 2024

Ever wondered what your purpose is? Your purpose is to be the image of God on this earth! You get to live your best life when you are your unique self, the way God created you to be, reflecting the im

Throne Room Worship
March 28, 2024

Worshiping God together shapes us into trust, shapes us into love, shapes us into obedience. If we truly enter into worship we are opening ourselves to God's magnificence. Submitting to Gods authorit

The Triumph of the Lamb
March 28, 2024

The Book of Revelation tells us where were going so we can be full of faith. Christ is already victorious and has chosen to reveal Himself through the churches [lampstands] and He will empower us to

February 29, 2024

Dependence is more than relying on God, it is abandoning our mind and emotions to Him. Surrendering our inability to trust rather than trying to trust. Dependence on God is resigning from ourselves.

God's Authority
February 05, 2024

Prepare the Way - Series

A Chosen People
February 05, 2024

Prepare the Way - Series

The Way of the Child
February 03, 2024

God came, as a helpless child- that is the answer. The way of the child is victory over darkness. No longer needing all the answers and everything figured out, but rather walking in our identity as Hi

The Foundational Story of Intercession - Part 2
September 05, 2023

Before we take authority over Satan, lets take authority over our own thoughts. Strongholds are not just areas of demonic control in a person; strongholds can just as much be ungodly thoughts which b

The Foundational Story of Intercession - Part 1
September 05, 2023

Prayer always starts with God coming to you. You can start being an intercessor by telling God the worries you have for others in your life. To intercede is to stand before God on behalf of someone el